Saturday, December 22, 2018

The Flight Attendant Life

The Flight Attendant Life

Working a flight to Amsterdam
Delta A330-300 Working to AMS

The Beginning.

The beginning... well, that is quite a place to start now, isn't it? 

I have always been interested in aviation since I was a little kid. I played with airplanes while growing up, and would always stare at them up in the sky, and wonder what it must be like to be sitting in a machine like that. When I grew up in the 90s, flying was still relatively expensive, and I guess I kind of thought it would never be a possibility. I was a poor kid in a run-down neighborhood in the Midwest, and merely going down the street to the grocery store, was about as much of an adventure that I would ever see. 

Well, life has a funny way of surprising you, and as time went on, it became apparent that I was meant to do something. Sitting around in my backyard, gazing at airplanes in the sky, ended up just being the beginning of a fire within. I had a bug, and I did not quite understand it at the time, but I was meant to move, and challenge myself into one the best, most rewarding career in my life. My mother was always terrified of flying, which did not really help things, and every-time we did venture outside of the great state of Wisconsin, it was on the wheels of a Greyhound bus. Five years in a row going to Memphis for Elvis week, and a 14hr bus ride... well, you get the picture with that one. 

Thankfully, I did have people enter my life and start showing me that what is possible, is based only on how you limit yourself. Fortunately, at the time, I had a very influential person enter my life. This person saw something in me and began to show me how much of the world I was missing, and how most of the time, the only thing holding you back is your own fear. This person really is a second mom to me, and a best friend all into one. She traveled the world regularly, and I became so interested in having a life, where I set my own terms. She gave the little sparks in me that eventually turned into a confident fire, in which I still feed off of till this very day. 
Airtran Airways Flight Attendant
Me and My Crew & Airtran Airways 717

I was surprised during my final year in High School, with her telling me we were going to Orlando again (A thing we started doing, but usually drove), and we were going to fly there. I was happy, but because of how fearful my mother was about flying, I was quite nervous as well. All I knew about flying is that I was always generally interested, but due to my mothers fear, and being poor, flying was something that other people did, not me. Breaking the news, and convincing my mother that everything was going to be ok, was no easy task. Eventually, however, she gave in and allowed me to take this trip, which little did I know, was going to change my life forever. 

Looking Forward.

That my friends were the beginning of a very long and rewarding Journey. This blog will feature my journey to becoming a Flight Attendant, my adventures, and any advice I can find on getting hired. I will also talk about flight attendant life, tips and tricks and tons of other travel-related goodies. Please continue to follow me, as this is exactly what this first post implies... The Beginning. 

Safe Travels Everyone!

Patrick Lucas
Travel Blogger
14 Yr Flight Attendant 
"Only you can control your journey, when are you going to take it?"